Frontline Open Africa Investments Consultancy Limited

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Who we are

Since its establishment in 2016, Frontline Open Africa Investments Consultancy Limited (OAICL), has progressively conducted various activities in a number of fields. With its goal-oriented mission and vision, the Company has an outstanding performance in various sectors including financial and accounting Consulting services, Business consultancy, Research and Development Consultancy and Regional Development.

Frontline Consulting provides a wide range of services in Social economic surveys, Monitoring and evaluation, Project proposal writing, Tax Consultancy, Data collection as well as linking international Companies and Local ones.

Why choose us

FRONTLINE OAICL is among the fewest Tanzanian consulting firms to use advanced and most accurate data collection tools. Its staffs can develop most recent data collection tools such as ODK Collect and UDA CAPI system to make sure that high quality data is collected.

By choosing Frontline, be sure you opted for:

  • Reliable services
  • Professionalism
  • Advanced tax and accounting related solutions
  • Up-to date data collection tools and methodologies
  • Efficient quality control mechanisms
  • A chance to interact business-wise both nationally and internationally

Our experience

Financial Accounting and Auditing - 10+ years
Corporate Finance, - 10+ years
Monitoring and Evaluation - 10+ years
Project Management - 2+ years
Research - 2+ years

Benefits Of Working With Us

Our Vision

To provide excellent and quality services in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism that reflects technological advancements.

Our Mission

To be the most successful consulting company in Africa, that abides to its principles of Knowledge, Effectiveness, Reliability and Integrity. Knowledge for us means: having a relevant technical know-how and application of modern technology for the development of pioneering services, optimal quality and capability of flexible adaptation and development of each need of client.

Our Values

Since the foundation of our company in 2016 our aim was to build an organization with a clear view and strategy that will constantly look ahead and keep operating at the forefront of technological developments and to be an innovative, knowledge-based company. Our vision of knowledge and innovation is people-oriented, as the protagonists are the people who research, and innovate to create solutions.